Prefabrication Engineering Company
Portland, OR
Prefabricated houses on the Project were built during
1944 by DeanJohnson, RuthRobertsonJohnson,
E.E.Johnson, EdithMenefeeJohnson and RobertF.Johnson
all of Portland, OR, co-partners, doing business as
the Prefabrication Engineering Company of Portland,
OR. 1800 of these houses were constructed for a total
contract cost of $5,300,743.00. A check was made in
Dunn and Bradstreet and Prefabrication Engineering
was not listed. Also, this corporation was not listed
in Volumb IV of Thomas' Register of American
Manufacturers. It is believed this corporation was
organized only for the performance of this contract.
A total of 65 prefabs were sold during fiscal year
1955 by the AEC. In all instances the sales were made
on a where-as-is basis with the purchaser to furnish
performance bond and to clean up the site. The
performance bonds were released by the Commission
only after the purchaser complied with the
regulations issued by the Commission. The prefab
houses were sold on sealed bid basis on July 24, 1954
and auction sale on October 11, 1954.
07/24/54 ~ 18 1-BR prefabs sold ~ Average Sale Price: $511.33
10/11/54 ~ 29 1-BR prefabs sold ~ Average Sale Price: $724.13