Narrative from the general building plans [November, 1943]

The "G" house ... is a story and a half in height and has four bedrooms. The outside dimensions are slightly smaller than the "D" house to which it best compares in kind and probably type of occupancy. In arrangement, however, it is different from all the others. It has one bedroom on the first floor and three on the second. The upstairs has a full bathroom and the first floor has a lavatory and water closet. This plan allows great flexibility since the first floor bedroom can be used as a study, as a residential office if necessary, or as a special guest room. The living room size is about average for the larger houses; the dining room is smaller than most. The kitchen we well arranged with ample cabinet space. The circulation in this house is exceptional, for one may pass from the kitchen direct[ly] to the front part of the house without going through the dining room or living room. Like the "E" house, it has a front hall and a recessed door. The roof has several dormers and an off center ridge on the front wing which lend it an informal air. In appearance it would look well in any pleasant village of modestly priced houses. These few houses are grouped principally in two locations; approximately half in Area 3 near the river and the other half in Area 2 close to the Elementary School. In service equipment, laundry, and so forth, the "G" house is similar to all single and duplex houses in the project.