Narrative from the general building plans [November, 1943]

The "H" house ... is a one story, three bedroom house. The
room sizes are generally a little smaller than the rooms in
the "E" house and the plan is a little more regular, only the
kitchen breaking outside the main rectangular mass. The two
corner bedrooms have an intervening bath and adjoining them.
At the rear center of the house is a third bedroom. The
remaining space across the back of the rectangle is used for
a dining room alcove. The kitchen and the stairs to the
basement thus become a wing behind the dining room. Although
the house has slightly less closet space proportionately,
each bedroom has an ample closet. There is the usual coat
closet off the front room adjacent to the front door and
there are two additional closets, one for linen in the
bedroom hall and one for cleaning equipment in the kitchen.
The kitchen has good cabinet space, and is well arranged, and
because of its corner position, has good light and air from
two directions. Quality and type of finish compare with the
standards adopted throughout the project. The front of the
house is very simple, but a note of interest may be found in
the colonial type cross paneled door and fluted trim. There
are no variants planned, all the houses being finished in pre
stained cedar shakes.