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General Electric Company
Hanford Engineer Works
Richland, Washington

Attention: Mr. George Houston

Community Management Branch
U. S. A. E. C.
Richland, Washington

Following is a list of U.S.Engineer officers who died during
the recent war, and whose names should be used in the naming
of roads in the Richland area:

*Col. Richard R. Arnold
1st Lt. John F. Bradley
Lt. Col. Charles W. Burlin
Col. Joseph W. Cox, Jr.
*Brig. Gen. Donald A. Davison
Major Paul D. Duke
*Brig. Gen. Creswell Garlington
*Lt. Col. Clayton S. Gates
Maj. William A. Gay
*Brig Gen. Stuart C. Godfrey
*Lt. Col. James V. Hagan
*Col. Gilbert R. Hall
1st Lt. John W. Huling
*Lt. Col. Henry W. Hurley
*Brig. Gen. James F. C. Hyde
Col. Carl R. Jones
*Col. Harry R. Kadlec
Capt. Ernest C. Lacy
*Col. Augustine P. Little, Jr.
Maj. Robert E. Lothrop
Col. Albert K. H. Lyman
Capt. Thomas R. Martin, Jr.
Col. Roy M. McCutchen
2nd Lt. John M. McMurray
*Col. David A. Newcomer
Capt. Thomas A. Norwood
*Col. James W. Park
*1st Lt. Robert P. Pierpont
Capt. John S. Presnell, Jr.
*Lt. Col. Frederick G. Saint
*Maj. Campbell W. Snyder
*Col. Daniel S. Spangler
Col. Thomas H. Stanley
*Col. Charles W. Stewart, Jr.
Capt. Richard M. Strong
2nd Lt. William M. Wallace, Jr.

Asterisks indicate officers known to military personnel on
this project, and it would be appreciated if all names so
marked could be used in the naming of roads.

It is suggested that the name of Colonel Kadlec be given the
road on which helived in the house not occupied by Earl

Norman C. Fuller
Head, Community Management Branch

January 22, 1947