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WILLIAM MURRAY BLACK - (1855-unknown) - Army Engineer, born
Lancaster, Pa. Graduated from West Point (1877), and served there
for short time as instructor of practical military engineering,
then (1877-80) student officer at the U.S. Engineer School,
Willet's Point, N.Y. Thereafter for 15 years engaged on various
Army engineering projects, assistant in charge of fortification
works in the OCE (1895-97). Chief engineer in Porto [sic] Rico and
command of the advance guard on the first landing at Guanica in
the Spanish-American War. Chief engineer of the epartment of
Havana, Cuba and the division of Cuba (1809-1901)[sic]. Then
commanding officer of the Engineer School of the Army, during
which time introduced the system of industrial training for
enlisted men of the Corps. Observer of the Panama Canal
construction (1903-04), in charge of fortifications and river and
harbor inprovements in Maine (1904-05) and (1906-09) adviser to
department of public works, provisional government of Cuba.
Various construction assignments, then (1916-29) chief of
Engineers and major-general, then retired. Became member of
engineering firm.