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RICHARD DELAFIELD - (1789-1873) - Army Engineer, born New Yokr City.
Graduated at West Point (1818), on duty on northern frontier in the
boundary commission established under the treaty of Ghent (1818),
engaged in construction defenses as superintending engineer (1819-38).
Was superintendent of the Military Academy (1838-45) and (1855-56),
accompanied Capt. McClellan to Europe (1855-56) to witness operations
of the Crimean War, and his report on the changes and improvements
made in modern warfare was printed by Congress. On the staff of New
York Governor Morgan (1861-63) organizing, equipping and forwarding
state troops, was appointed Chief of engineers and inspector of West
Point (1864-66) and a member of the lighthouse board. Retired (1866),
regent of the Smithsonian Institute (1865-67).