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QUINCY ADAMS GILLMORE - (1825-88) - Army engneer, born
Black River, Lorain County, Ohio. Graduated from West Point
(1849), appointed engineer-in-chief of Port Royal
expedition in civil War; reduced Ft. Pulaski (Apr. 10, 1862). 
Served in Kentucky, defeating Peagram at Somerset. Then
commanded Department of the South, comprising all occupied
territory on coast of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
As commander of 10th Army Corps, served on Morris Island,
and against Fts. Sumter and Wagner, and Battery Gregg. On
James River (1864), took part in engagement at Bermuda
Hundred and Drewry's Bluffs; was sent to cover defense of
Washington. From 1865, again in charge of Department of the
south. Was later named engineer-in-chief of fortifications
and harbor and river inprovements on Atlantic coast south
of New York. Appointed president of Mississippi River
Commission (1879). Was author of several books.