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EDWARD BISSELL HUNT - (1822-1863) - Army Engineer, born
Livingston Co., N.Y. Graduated at West Point (1845),
assistant to the board of engineers for coast defense at
New York (1845-46), taught engineering at West Point,
and assisted in the construction of Ft. Warren, Boston
Harbor (1849-51). Engaged in the construction of
fortifications and lighthouses on the coast of Rhode
Island, in construciton of Ft. Taylor and other
defensive works. Made chief engineer of the Department
of the Shenandoah (1862) and subsequently engaged on
fortifications in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Promoted
to major and under special order from the Navy
Department, engaged in perfecting a submarine battery
which he had invented. Making experiments on this
battery, when he was suffocated by escaping gases.