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ROBERT EDWARD LEE - (1807-1870) - Army Engineer, born
Stratford, Va., Son of Henry (Light Horse Harry) Lee,
father of George Washington Custis Lee and uncle of
Fitzhugh Lee. Graduated at West Point (1829), served
under Scott in Mexican War; superintendent of West
Point (1852-55); then colonel of cavalry on frontier
duty in Texas (1855-61). Commanded troops which put
down John Brown's raid (1859). At outbreak of Civil
War, a declined field command of U.S. Army, offered 
by Lincoln, resigned commission and accepted chief 
of command of Virginia's military forces. Later 
general-in-chief of all Confederate armies. 
Surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse (1865).
After war, president of Washington College, later
renamed Washington and Lee University in his honor.