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STEPHEN HARRIMAN LONG - (1784-1864) - Army Engineer, born
Hopkinton, H.H. Graduated at Dartmouth College (1809),
taught school, and entered Army engineer corps (1814).
Headed party which explored region between Mississippi 
and Rocky Mountains (1818-23); highest peak of Rockies 
was named for him. In course of second journey (1823-24),
traveled by way of Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers to 
Red River of the North, and continued to Canadian boundary. 
Thereafter engaged in railroad engineering, surveying route 
for Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (1827-30) and becoming 
engineer-in-chief of Western and Atlantic Railroad (1837-40).
Introduced new type of trussed-frame wooden bridge, which
was named for him. His Railroad Manual (1829) was first
textbook of its kind published in America.