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WILLIAM LOUIS MARSHALL - (1846-dead) - Army Engineer, born
in Mason County, Kentucky. Graduated at West Point (1868)
after service as private in the U.S. volunteers in the Civil
War. Served with battalion of engineers at Willets Point,
N.Y. (1868-71), taught at West Point, and (1862-76) was in
charge of the Colorado section U.S. geographical and
geological surveys west of the 100th meridian. Discovered
Marshall pass across continental divide at the summit of the
Rocky Mountains. Engaged in river improvement in Georgia,
Tennessee and Alabama (1870-81) and improvements of the
Mississippi river and construction of leveas (1881-84), and
other leaves and construction work until (1900), then in
charge of fortifications at the eastern and southern
entrances to New York harbor. Inventor of many inprovements
in hydraulic construction.