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GEORGE BRINTON McCLELLAN - (1826-1885) - Army Engineer, born
Philadelphia, Pa. Studied at University of Pennsylvania
(1840-42) and graduated at West Point (1846). Fought in
actions from Veracruz to Mexico City during Mexican War. As
member of commision to study European military systems,
wrote report published as The Armies of Europe.
Resigned from Army (1857) to become chief engineer of
Illlinois Central Railroad; was elected (1859) president 
of eastern division of Onio and Mississippi Railroad. When 
Ft. Sumter was fired on (1861), joined Union Army as 
major-general of Ohio state troops. Following successes 
in West Virginia, Lincoln gave him command of Army of 
Potomac. Disregarding wishes of Lincoln, embarked upon
Peninsular Campaign, which culminated in disastrous Seven
Days' Battles; was superseded in chief command by Pope, but
reinstated after Second Battle of Bull Run. Although
victorious at South Mouintain at Antietam, refused to press
after Lee and was removed by President (1862). Democratic
candidate for Presidency (1864), but lost election to
Lincoln. After residence in Europe (1864-68), became chief
engineer of Department of docks of New York City (1870-72)
and governor of New Jersey (1878-81).