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ALLEN PARTRIDGE - (1785-1854) - Army Engineer, born
Norwich, Vt. Graduated at West Point (1806); returning
as professor of mathamatics (1813), became professor of
engineering (1813-16) and acting commandant (1816-17).
Resigning his commission (1818), wsa engaged on survey
of northeastern frontier under terms of Treaty of Ghent.
Founded at Norwich, Vt., (1820) military school which
was removed temporarily to Middletown, Conn. (1825-29);
incorporated (1834) at Norwich University, with him as
president (until 1843). Founded military a cademies at
Portsmouth, VA (1840); Pembroke, N.H. (1847);
Harrisburg, Pa. (1850); and Brandywine Springs, Del. (1853). 
Member of Vermont legislature (1833-34 and 1839).