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GUSTAVUS WOODSON SMITH - (1822-1896) - Army Engineer, born
Scott Co., Kentucky. Graduated at West Point (1842),
served as assistant engineer in construction of Ft.
Trumbull and Battery Criswald; taught engineering at West
Point (1844-46)and commanded the company of Sappers,
Miners and Pontoniers in the Mexican War. Was in battle of
Churabasco, Chapultepec and in assault and capture of
Mexico City. Assistant professor of engineering at West
Point (1849-54), then resigned commission. Superintended
extension of the Treasury building, and repairs of branch
mint and construction of the Marine Hospital in New
Orleans. At outbreak of civil War, joined Confederate
Army, appointed Brigadier-General from Kentucky, commanded
4th Brigade, Army of the Shanendoah at first Battle of
bull Run. Several important commands, then acting
secretary of War of the Confederate States Government
(1862). Surrendered at Macon, Georgia, April 20, 1865, and
held as prisoner of war. Was superintendent of Southwest
Iron Works, insurance commissioner for Kentucky.