ISAAC INGALLS STEVENS - (1818-62) - Army Engineer, and
governor of Washington territory, born Andover, Mass.
Graduated at West Point (1839), served through Mexican
War, participating in several engagements and being
wounded in attack on Mexico City. Thereafter, engaged upon
construction of fortifications and was employed with U.S.
Coast Survey in Washington until appointed (1853)
governor of Washington Territory. Besides duties of
Governorship, surveyed northern route for railroad to
Pacific. Secured from Indians cession of 100,000 square
miles of land for white settlement, and made treaties with
Blackfeet and other Indians, but they, alarmed at large
incursion of settlers, rose in revolt. Was extremely
unpopular because of his drastic measures to suppress
disaffection, but nevertheless was elected territoral
delegate to Congress (1857), and there defended his
actions. At outbreak of Civil War, was appointed Colonel
of 79th New York Volunteers ("Highlanders"), and when
eight companies mutinied after First Battle of Bull Run,
took drastic measures to restore order. Promoted
Brigadier-General, participated in Port Royal expedition
and, transferred to Virginia led division at Newport News.
With rank of Major-General, served in northern Virginia
under Pope, and was killed at Battle of Chantilly.