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JOSEPH GILBERT TOTTEN - (1788-1864) - Army Engineer, born
New Haven, Conn. Graduated at West Point 1805,
superintended construction of Castle Williams and Ft.
Clinton in New York Harbor (1808-12). During War of 1812,
chief engineer on Niagara frontier uder Van Rensselaer,
and later served under Dearborn (1813). In 1819-31,
subsequently engaged in coast defense work; promoted
Colonel and made Chief Engineer of Army (1838). In Mexican
War, directed siege operations against Veracruz. As member
of Lighthouse Board (1851) built some notable lighthouses
on Atlantic coast. Promoted Grigadier-general (1863) and
brevet Major-general (1864). A founder of National Academy
of Sciences (1863). Interested in conchology.