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GOUVERNEUR KEMBLE WARREN - (1830-82) - Army Engineer,
born Cold Spring, New York. Graduated at West Point
(1850), after making surveys in delta of Mississippi and
of route for Pacific Railroad, served as topographical
engineer on Harney's expedition against Sioux (1855).
Appointed (1859) assistant professof of mathematics at
Military Academy, but at outbreak of Civil War, given
command of 5th Army Corps at Gaine's Mill, Second Battle
of Bull Run, and Antietam, and was Chief of Engineers of
Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg. Command 5th Corps and
battles of Wilderness of Petersburg; although scoring
victory at Battle of Five Forks, ws relieved of command
by Sheridan for alleged apathy, but court of inquiry
later exonerated him (1879). Continued in military
survey work until death. Published An Account of the
Fifth Army Corps at the Battle of Five Forks (1866).