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HORATIO GOUVERNEUR WRIGHT - (1829-1899) - Army Engineer,
born Clinton, Conn. Graduated from West Point 1841.
Employed in Florida and on outbreak of civil War, helped
prepare defenses of Washington. Chief Engineer of
Heintzelman's division at First Battle of Bull Run, and
accompanied successful Port Royal expedition. As
Brigadier-General, had charge of Department of the Ohio.
Commanded division of Army of the Potomac, during
Pennsylvania and Rapidan campaigns, and given command of
6th Corps (1864), rendered valuable services at
Spotsylvania. Defended Washington against Early and took
part in Shenandoah Campaign; joining Grant, broke strong
Confederate line before Peteresbrg. Continued military
service after conclusion of hostilities, becoming Chief
of Engineers (1879). Retired in 1885.