"J" Women's Dormitory
"K" Men's Dormitory

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Men's 1944 Dorm Women's 1947 Dorm
Capacity: "J" 37 women ~ "K" 38 men
Two Stories
"J" 21 single rooms, 8 double rooms
"K" 22 single rooms, 8 double rooms
Single rooms: 125 sq. ft.
Double rooms: 185 sq. ft.

Contractor: Smith, Hoffman & Wright Company, Portland, OR
from the Site Plan [November, 1943]

The general location of the dormitories was, from the beginning, required to be near the shopping center and cafeteria, and close to the Administration Area. Although grouped together at first, it was decided later to separate the men's from the women's dormitories, so they were arranged on the south and north of the Administration Area. Here they have plenty of room for the low population density considered desireable.

Early studies in the disposition of the units favored a court plan. This plan was abandoned because a formal scheme seemed out of key with other arrangements, because each court had to be completed in order to be effective, because additions to such a pattern were difficult, and because the advantages of desireable orientation were lost for many of the buildings. Thus the final arrangement prevents the hot afternoon sun from pouring on the long sides of the units, allows for partial construction or expansion without deviating from the pattern or its effectivemess, and with the staggered spacing, provides the maximum of open area and outlook for each building. The walk systems for both men's and women's dormitories are so designed that the main 12 foot walks allow not only for the customary use but also for occasional service and trucking.

from the General Building Plan [November, 1943]

The "J" house is a dormitory for women and the "K" house is a dormitory for men. They are best analyzed together as they are similar in most respects. For the initial 7750 persons estimated for the Village, the first contracts include 11 of the "J" type houses for women and 3 of the "K" type houses for men. These are separately grouped, as mentioned earlier in the site plan. The women's dormitories are located just south of the Administrative Area between Mansfield Street and Lee Boulevard and west of Goethals Drive, which is the main connecting link between the Northwest Area and the South Area. Eventually, the 22 women's dormitories will fill the above tract as far west as Stevens Drive, the the present 11 buildings are grouped at the east end close to the Cafeteria, which occupies the Northwest corner of the rectangle. Thus, they are located close to the Village commeercial center. This is considered acceptable practice, for the type of room occupancy suggests that the single woman (or man) is more likely to find relaxation in the theater or at other recreational centers of the town. The "K" houses follow the same principles of plannings, though they are slightly further away from the Cafeteria and Village center, being just to the north of the Administrative Area. They lie just west of Goethals Drive, where it begins to curve to the northwest. The tract is bounded by this drive on the east, Gilmore Avenue on the west, Guthrie on the northwest and Swift Boulevard on the south.

As stated above, the plans of the "J" and "K" houses are similar. One exception is the bathroom arrangements, the baths in the women's dormitories being arranged for greater privacy of the occupants, the showers having individual dressing stalls. Also, the women's dormitories have a laundry room for minor laundry and pressing. The omission of this feature in the men's dormitories gives them one additional bedroom. The women's houses have 21 single and 8 cougle bedrooms arranged on two floors and the men's have 22 single and 8 double bedrooms. Fully occupied, the "J" unit will house 37 women and the "K "unit 38 men. The sleeping rooms average about 100 square feet in floor area for the single rooms and about 150 square feet for the double. Each occupant is allotted a 2'8" X 6'4" closet so designed that trunks and less frequently used articles may be stored at the back, whereas the articles used daily are within easy reach of the user. An extra room for community storage is provided on each floor. The window in each sleeping room is especially large. All rooms are furnished; the complete list of furnishings is shown below.

In addition to these sleeping rooms, each house has a central lounge on the first floor approximately 15' x 31' in size. It is entered from a small vestibule which connects directly to the walk, and the stairs to the second floor are at one end of this lounge. The first floor is two risers up from the floor level of the lounge and is entered from the back center of the room. Doors on both floors open from the ends of each hall to the outside for quick egress in emergency, and the second floor being served by outside wooden staircases. The services are grouped at the back center on each floor and consist of a general washroom, a separate toilet room and a separate shower room, with the addition of the aforementioned laundry for the women's unit. Also on the second floor of all units is a small writing and sitting room for the convenience of occupants. There are no basements, all these units being heated from the central heating plant in the Administrative Area.

Furnishings for Bedrooms
1 Bed (2 beds in double bedrooms)
1 Bed Spring (2 in double bedrooms)
1 Bed Mattress (2 in double bedrooms)
5 Pr. Sheets (10 in double bedrooms)
5 Pillow Slips (10 in double bedrooms)
1 Pillow (2 in double bedrooms)
1 Rug (3' x 6' approximatelly) 1 Dresser
1 Mirror
1 Desk
1 Desk Chair
1 Lounge Chair (2 in double bedrooms)

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