Richland Street Names

Date: February 24, 1945

Memorandum to: Colonal F. T. Matthias

From: N. Paul Nissen


Herewith are complete lists of streets in Richland with biographies of the Army Engineers for whom they were nameed. The biography of each man contains all of the pertinent information I have been able to find on the man.

Street Names in Richland

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Abbot Street, Abert Avenue, Adams Street, Atkins Avenue, Armistead Avenue

Barth Avenue, Benham Street, Bernard Avenue, Biddle Avenue, Black Court

Caples Street, Casey Avenue, Comstock Street, Craighill Avenue, Cullum Avenue

Davenport Street, Delafield Avenue, DeRussy Place, Douglass Avenue,
Downing Street, Duane Avenue, Duportail Street

Endress Street

Falley Street, Farrell Lane, Fitch Street, Flagler Avenue, Fries Street

Gillard Place, George Washington Way, Gillespie Street, Gillmore Avenue,
Goethals Drive, Gratiot Street, Gunnison Court, Guthrie Avenue

Hains Avenue, Harding Street, Haupt Avenue, Hoffman Street,
Humphreys Street, Hunt Avenue, Hunt Point

Iry Street

Jackson Street, Jadwin Avenue, Jewett Street, Johnston Avenue, Judson Avenue

Keller Avenue, Kimball Avenue, Knight Street, Kuhn Street

LeeBoulevard, Lockwood Street, Long Avenue, Longfitt Street

Mackenzie Street, Macomb Place, Mahan Avenue, Mansfield Circle, Marshall Avenue,
McClellan Street, McPherson Avenue, Merrill Court

Newton Street

Ogden Street

Partridge Street, Perkins Avenue, Perry Court, Platt Avenue , Potter Avenue,
Pullen Street, Putnam Street

Riche Court, Roberdeau Street, Robert Avenue, Rochefontaine Street, Rossell Avenue

Sanford Avenue, Sibert Street, Smith Avenue, Snow Avenue, Stanton Avenue,
Stevens Drive, Swift Boulevard, Symons Street

Taylor Street, Thayer Drive, Thomas Steeet, Thompson Street, Torbett Street,
Totten Avenue, Townsend Court, Tunis Avenue

Van Giesen Street

Warren Court, Willard Avenue, Williams Boulevard, Wilson Street, Winslow Street,
Woodbury Street, Wright Avenue

Young Street

The bioigraphies above are the result of considerable research. In order to get enough names for all the streets and to keep the alphabetical sequence used in naming the streets, it was necessary to use names of deceased Army Engineers who either were not paraticularly prominent or on whom Libraries in this territory had no biographical material. Those named are listed below:

Atkins Avenue, Caples Street, Davenport Street, Downing Street, Endress Street, Falley Street, Guthrie Avenue, Iry Street, Jewett Street, Johnston Avenue, Kimball Avenue, Lockwood Street, Longfitt Street, Perkins Avenue, Perry Court, Platt Avenue, Pullen Street, Snow Avenue, Stanton Avenue, Thomas Street, Thompson Street, Tunis Avenue, Van Giesen Street, Willard Avenue, Young Street

-------------------END OF MEMO-----------------

1/22/47 memo RE: some names that 'should be used in the naming of roads'.

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Some street names NOT in the above memo:

Alder Avenue, April Loop, Ash Street, Basswood, Beech Avenue, Birch Avenue, Boston, Boulder Street, Butternut Avenue, Camden Street, Chestnut Avenue, Cottonwood Drive, Everett, Gribble, Hodges Court, Richmond, Sacaremento Blvd, Sunset Street, Willis, Woodbury Street,

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